Out now: The DIY Book PR Guide

DIYPR-Cover-10cm-300dpiIt’s been a long time coming but I’m excited to announce that my first book, The DIY Book PR Guide: The HAPPIER Guide to Do-it-Yourself Book Publicity in Seven Easy Stepsis now onsale. It contains everything you need to know about promoting your own book – from compiling a killer media list to giving a great interview – in just seven simple steps.

A big thanks to Grit for the cover and to Xoum Publishing for making The DIY Book PR Guide an actual, real-life, honest-to-goodness book.

To purchase your copy, simply click here.

Making parenting classes available to everyone who wants them

The wonderful Melissa Hood, parenting educator and author, talked parenting classes and her new book, Real Parenting for Real Kids, with a rapt David and Georgie on Nine’s TODAY EXTRA this morning. Find out why every could benefit from a class or two here and read more about Melissa and her work with not-for-profit Chain Reaction Foundation here. […]

Making workplaces more ‘parent-friendly’ to close the gender gap

The Sydney Morning Herald ran this great piece about Sally Collins of NAB, a contributor to the new book The World We See by The Dream Collective, and the challenges she experienced of trying to take her senior level role part-time after having a family. It’s part of an ongoing conversation in Australia’s corporations about closing the gender gap – the […]

How to stop yelling – and take back control

Most parents have been driven bonkers by their little darlings at least once, and it’s a fact that this faithful phrase-of-last-resort – “BECAUSE I SAID SO!” – cannot be delivered at anything less than an ear-splitting volume. Or maybe that’s just me. But most of us would agree that it would be nice restore a little calm to the home […]

Making parenting classes as normal as antenatal classes

Margaret Bell, CEO/founder of the not-for-profit Chain Reaction Foundation, and her daughter, parenting educator Melissa Hood, will be launching Melissa’s book Real Parenting for Real Kids at Parliament House in Sydney on Friday. At that launch, they will be calling on the Australian government to initiate a state-funded parenting class program.  A controversial proposal to make such parenting classes broadly available in the […]

Why women in business are great for Australia’s economy

The Dream Collective‘s excellent new book The World We See will be launched this week in Sydney. It collects the advice of more than 30 iconic Australians in business, politics and showbiz, including PM Malcolm Turnbull, media legend Ita Buttrose and some of our top CEOs and corporate leaders, for the emerging leaders of the future, especially women.  They’re a diverse […]

Not sure who your readers are? Keep It Simple, Scribes.

Once you’ve nailed your response to the hardest question you’ll ever be asked (that’s “So what’s your book about?”, in case you missed my previous blog, and we talk about perfecting your elevator pitch here), it’s time to turn your attention to the next tricky topic you’ll need to address before you promote your masterpiece. Writers: who are your readers? The easy response is […]

Crafting an elevator pitch

If there’s a more overused term than ‘elevator pitch’, I’d love to know about it. But cliches become cliches for these reasons: because they’re highly effective at invoking a particular concept and because no one has yet found a better way of doing so. And the concept invoked by the elevator pitch is crystal clear. You’re an entrepreneur seeking start-up […]

Knowing when to hang up the gloves – and when to fight on

Being a book publicist is largely a balancing act, juggling the needs of the author client with those of the journalist contact to find the common ground that benefits both. This need for balance extends beyond strategy into practical matters, too; how do you tread the tricky fine line between being a super-helpful source and a total pest? In […]