Out now: The DIY Book PR Guide

DIYPR-Cover-10cm-300dpiIt’s been a long time coming but I’m excited to announce that my first book, The DIY Book PR Guide: The HAPPIER Guide to Do-it-Yourself Book Publicity in Seven Easy Stepsis now onsale. It contains everything you need to know about promoting your own book – from compiling a killer media list to giving a great interview – in just seven simple steps.

A big thanks to Grit for the cover and to Xoum Publishing for making The DIY Book PR Guide an actual, real-life, honest-to-goodness book.

To purchase your copy, simply click here.

Back pain affects four in five Australians

Luckily, physiotherapist, sports scientist, author and all-round great woman, Francine St George, is here to help! Francine says back pain is the second most common reason (apart from colds) that we visit at GP. With a bit of hard work, some simple postural adjustments and regular stretching, there’s a lot we can do to alleviate […]

Changing the way we talk about domestic violence

Long-time frontline domestic violence counsellor Carmel O’Brien’s book Blame Changer sounds a clarion call for a change in the way we talk about the problem, for shifting the blame from victim to perpetrator. In this no-nonsense interview with ABC Local Radio’s Conversations with Ann Hall, Carmel lays out the bare facts about DV in Australia […]

The source of your back pain might just be in your head

Physiotherapist and author of The Back Pain Handbook Francine St George spoke to Sam Downing, Coach editor at nine.com.au, yesterday about why it’s important to treat the mental and emotional effects of back pain, too. Why back pain is in your head – but not in the way you think

A lovely piece on cricket legend Richie Benaud

The Age‘s Martin Flanagan wrote this splendid article on Benaud: An Appreciation, the new book by distinguished writer and Benaud fan Brian Matthews, this weekend. Benaud is published by Text Publishing at the end of November and available in all good bookshops, as the saying goes. The perfect summer read. Enjoy! Boundaries and Richie Benaud

Want to change your life? Set a goal – and stick to it

Extreme athlete, Hong Kong-based veterinarian and all-round great guy David Gething went from middle-aged overweight party animal to the winner of the World Marathon Challenge in a few short – but very tough! – years. To misquote Mao, every journey – even one of this magnitude – starts with a single step. David’s first step was […]

Relentless: Seven Marathons, Seven Continents, Seven Days

This amazing man made the ultimate physical transformation, from desperately unfit and more than 30kg overweight to extreme athlete and winner of the inaugural World Marathon Challenge – that’s seven marathons on seven continents in seven days – in 2015. Here’s how David Gething did it and, if you’re interested in reading more, David’s book Relentless is […]

Tales from around the kitchen table

This is such a beautiful piece on mindfood.com from bestselling novelist Mary-Anne O’Connor, whose gorgeous WWII saga Worth Fighting For is published this month. In it, she talks about the family legends learned around the dinner table of her youth, stories that would take new life in Mary-Anne’s delightful fiction. But in our busy modern lives, in […]

Blame Changer in Daily Life

This practical, instructive piece on how to leave an abusive partner ran today in Daily Life. Carmel O’Brien is the author of the excellent book Blame Changer, a long-time frontline domestic violence counsellor and all-round fantastic woman.